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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Long time no posts... My first mobile post!

Okay so I have been totally net deprived so no posts, of course that
means no contact to the outside world too. Just now I 'finally'
activated my mobile blogging and now this might just work out. My days
are being spent aimlessly in bed mostly since I'm too sick to walk
about (tried making custard for myself and that ended in me fainting
on the floor -_-; ), so for now I'm only spending time watching anime
and reading manga -.- sigh, for a restless person like me it's next to
prison. My laptop broke down and I lost all my graphical tools and
things and now I can't even design stuff ;_; so tied up T~T and
typing on mobile is a total pain! Grrrrrr... Oh well let's see how
this goes, for now I'll be off and write more later I hope ^^ (welcome
back to blogging Catea *hugs*)
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