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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

White Haired Anime Guys ~ Part One

So I decided I'll do a post about all the white haired/gray haired/silvered haired anime guys I like in no particular order ^^ I'll add more as I go on, starting now first with...

1. Ayame Souma of Fruits Basket ~

I loved his character xD he was so funny and amusing ^^

2. Ryuuya from Air Summer Special~

I found Air Summer Specials really touching, Ryuuya was my fave.

3. Sasame of Sound from Pretear~

GOD! I so fell for him x_x he was so deep and sooooooooo romantic *-*

4. Hitsugaya Toushiro from Bleach ~

I haven't really watched the anime yet for the mere reason it's incomplete and I can't stand waiting ._. but I like this chara a LOT.

5. Hatsuharu Souma from Fruits Basket~

Okay I adore him! he was so romantic in the manga, a true Taurus passion, and even in the anime he was so cool and amazing. His love for Rin was so amazing...

I have decided just 5 guys per post >.> what a bother to edit all the pics >.>

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