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Monday, February 28, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke ~ Episode 1 Season 1~ Review

Kimi ni Todoke :

Episode 1:

Starting with the opening, it was beautiful, an unusual burst of amazing colours and brightness that cheered me up.

The story is about a girl named Sawako Kuronuma which means Lively Child (Sawayka = lively & Ko = Child), but because she's shy and and quiet, people have a lot of misunderstanding about her, starting with thinking she can summon ghosts and other things like that. Her resemblance to Sadako, a girl form Japanese horror movies earned her the name Sadako so everyone thinks she's Sadako and no one calls her by her real name.

She admire a classmate of hers, Kazehaya Shouta, who she met on the entrance ceremony day and who was the only person who thanked her for telling him the way to the school instead of apologizing and running away from her.

While she's talking to her friend about how lively Kazehaya is he happens to pass by and overhears, he asks her how he should interpret that, and for once she's able to honestly tell him what she meant. ...

From that point on her life is about to change little by little, a very interesting incident including a fear Trial at the end of the summer, makes her open up to more people and make new friends.
But she still doesn't understand Kazehaya's feelings...

The art design left me thinking a lot of Bokura ga Ita, made me miss Lee, I wasn't able to finish that series. My external Hard Drive broke and I pretty much lost it along with the reviews I wrote after each episode. But I'm hoping I can write episode by episode for this series as I go, because the first initiate feeling that you get after watching something first time, isn't the same after you watch it second time as a critic.

The ending song was a cute burst of pastels, I'll be making a lot of graphics from this anime.

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