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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kaichou wa Maid Sama/会長はメイド様~ Anime ~Thoughts and Reflections

Kaichou wa Maid Sama 1-26: 21st March 2011 3:17 AM:

So while I was waiting for the morning to arrive so I can go back to where I live I finished watching the whole series.
I loved the chara designs, I'll be making a lot of cute graphics from it when I finally get my hard drive fixed and get my stuff back.

Typically cute cute Love story, it took me a LONG time to get thise series in proper subs, the first three times I donloaded it in high quality it turned out to have french and resssuian subs andd once purly raw @_@. I think this is one of the series that took me a LONG time to find. I decided I'll do a full series after thought instead of episode by episode, mou... I already endured waiting this long x.x

The story line goes about a strict student council president, Ayuzawa Misaki, who's the first female 'kaichou' in a school that recently became a co-ed and is short on girls, she tries desperetly hard to makee the school better for females. Enters Usui Takumi (Takumi made me think of Nana sooooo bad >.<) a major heartbreaker who makes girls cry cause he keeps rejecting them. Kaichou has a certain secret that she doesn't want anyone to know and ironically it's Usui who accidently finds out and protects it.
Throughtout the series it's a FRUSTRATING no-I-will-not-put-my-feelings-in-words contest >__<

The end was... Abrupt, I'll need to really read the manga to fill out the spaces the anime left, a LOT of details are missing about Usui and other people, which keeps you thinking OMG WHAT THE HELL!!!! my first impression was Usui being a tortured poor little rich boy who's stuck in a rich family, but they gave no details to his origin. I loved the Episode about the 'San Baka's past. I liked the character of Aoi, it would have developed really nicely if they had tried. The people who have read and watched Fruits Basket will identify with my irritation, I was lucky to have read the manga first, the anime leaves a LOT of questions in your mind, same like this anime. I was hoping Aoi's char to develop into something like Momiji. Then there's the mini Usui in the opening and ending... confusing.

The entry of Hinata Shinatani was refreshing and thought provoking, I loved his char most in the series other than Sakura. I totally fell for him, I didn't like the ending he got. I wish I could make them change it, it was horrible T~T.

The opening and ending tracks are really nice, my personal fave is the first ending song, really deep... "I want you to tell me what's bothering you, even if it's just a tiny part of it. I'll carry it with both my hands." I don't know why that part just made me so so sad, it was like something my little brother once said to me when I didn't talk about Tamahome to anyone... a precious painful secret that was too much to hold just inside, and he listened and listened for ages while I wept and cried like a child holding my cell to me sitting on the bathroom floor just quietly weeping afraid to raise my voice and cry out loud... but he always listened quietly and patiently, and even though I was the onee san, it was like it was always him protecting me... it's been so long since then and so much has changed... but I still remember the exact feeling from that time, ima demo, kawaranai...

The triangle with Hinata, Usui and Misaki, made me think a lot of things, even though he loved her for so long, even thought he never forgot her, even though he seeked after her so much... I wish I could change the story a little bit, but then I would feel horrible for Usui...

Ne.. ai te nani... when you love someone so much so much, and you end up losing them to someone else, but if then you're able to see them smile, that's such an amazing feeling. If you had to choose between someone who's loved you seriously for a long long time and had eyes for just you, and someone who you can't keep your eyes off even though he's impossible to be with and maybe feels the same, who would you go for? Either way someone gets hurt... should you be thinking of the person who's thought of you so much and who you care about? or should you just follow your heart no matter how impossible it seems and follow through? But either way... even if you choose one, when the other gets hurt, it hurts you back just as much when you can't help but care about both.

I'll write more later with screenshots more. Too sleep and thinking too much right now. Sore ja mata kondou.

From Anime News Network:
Opening Theme:
"My Secret" by Saaya Mizuno
Ending Theme:
#1: "Yokan (Premonition)" by heidi.
#1: "Yokan (予感)" by heidi.
#2: "∞ (Mugen) Loop (∞ループ)" by heidi.

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