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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anime Review ~ Bleach ~ Episode 1 / Season 1~ Shinigami ni Natchatta Hi~

So for some in explainable reason, I'm watching Bleach -.-;; and royally hooked on it. I KNEW this would happen -__- just watch me finish all of it and then curse while I wait a week for 1 episode -__- ...

Episode 1 :

So Kurusaki Ichigo (why such a feminine name for such a GUYISH looking char?) is 15 year old who belongs to a family that can sense/see spirits, although his sensing seeing powers are beyond anyone else's, he can see and talk to and even touch ghosts/spirits.

One day when trying to save a girl's spirit he encounters a Shinigami, the Shinigami after saving them comes to his room at night following a Hollow (evil spirit?) and upon finding out that he can see and touch her (kick her more like it) she introduced herself as Kichiki Rukia~
The Hollow follows them soon after and attacks Ichigo's family upon seeing which he tries to break from the bind Rukia had him in and tries to rescuse his sister. The Hollow attacks him but RUkia comes between and is almost killed (can Shinigami die?) she then entrusts her powers to Ichigo seeing his abnormal spiritual energy and he turns into a Shinigami himself.

That was a VERY rushed very short review I know but I need to get into the anime properly to understand well and write better reviews ^^

Opening theme is Orange Range's single Asterisk and Ending is "Life is Like a Boat" by Rie Fu ( a song I've liked since way long ago).

Going to watch the second episode now xD.
no pics cause I'm for once in a blue moon time streaming instead of downloading and getting my own screenies.

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