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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anime Review ~ Bleach ~ Episode 2 / Season 1~ Shinigami no Oshigoto/A Shinigami's Work

I'm still kind of not used to writing without adding my own screenshots, and Bleach is an anime I would have liked to take a lot of screenshots and make wallpapers and avatars from ._. ... but oh wells gotta wait till I get another laptop x.x

Episode 2:
Ichigo wakes up to find everyone's memory of the previous night and his sisters' injuries both gone, the damage to the ouse is said to be cause by a hit and run truck. Even more shocking is when he finds Rukia in his school as a transfer student.

She demands he helps her with Soul Society's orders since he's pretty much absorbed all of her powers and she's reduced to a human powerless form for now. Ichigo refuses to help saying he doesn't want to but when she forces him in his Shinigami form and he's unable to abandon a boy being attacked by a Hollow, it's apparent he's going to have to help Rukia to help protect innocent people and souls.

On their way back they run into Inoue Orihime who's just had an accident but isn't really injured aside from a mysterious mark on her leg. Ichigo later reveals that Orihime's brother took his last breath at his parent's Clinic and the girl who cried because she was left all alone that night was Orihime. Rukia gets alarmed by hearing this and asks Ichigo various questions concerning the issue.
Later at home Ichigo is attached by a Hallow which's mask as he breaks shows Orihime's dead brother's face which runs away as soon as it's shown.
Meanwhile at Orihime's house someone's knocking on the walls...

The Opening and ending is same as before.

Adding Online Streaming links to the site I'm streaming it from ^^

Bleach Episode 2 Sub/Dub

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