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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anime Review ~ Bleach ~ Episode 4 / Season 1~ Cursed Parakeet/Noroi no Inko

Bleach Episode 4 Watch Online

Episode 4:
Ichigo's old friend Chad takes pity on and takes in a parakeet that's supposed to be cursed and all it's previous owners died horrible deaths. As soon as he takes interest in it a metal bar falls on him.

Next day while Ichigo and Rukia are on school roof talking with friends Chad brings the bird there covered in bandages from more accidents. The minute the parakeet speaks Ichigo and Rukia sense whoever is in the parakeet.

By the time Ichigo goes back home there's an emergency situation and Chad's bought in to his family clinic with a mark of a Hollow on his back... To not involve anyone else he leaves the clinic, followed by the Hollow that's after the parakeet.
Meanwhile Ichigo's sister Karin who felt something from the Parakeet is severely sick and rushes out after Ichigo to tell her about the sad past of the boy trapped in the bird. Meanwhile Ichigo and Rukia lost trail of Chad and Ichigo tries to use Shinigami magic to track the bird's spirit and ends up using top lvl magic. While they're chasing after Chad to protect him, Ichigo tells Rukia about how he met Chad when he was younger and being beaten up cause of his hair colour. Upon seeing Karin in her disheveled state Rukia asks Ichigo to take her home and runs after Chad herself but...

The Hollow chasing Chad turns for Rukia revealing he already ate two Shinigami who came to save the child's spirit that's in the parakeet...

Ahh this is getting better and better *-* it's not some silly ninja anime but seriously interesting *-*

Opening ending same as before ^^

On to next episode :3

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