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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Izumo: Takeki Tsurugi no Senki ~ Episode 1 ~ Yume no Yubigoe/夢の呼び声

Started with a guy fighting in a demonic world full of ogres and a priestess in the background calling. That honestly put me off it when I first started watching it so I dropped it and started off on others.Yagi Takeru has no family and lives with his adopted father, Touma Rokunosuke, the head of the house. There are many people around him (mostly girls) and his childhood friend Yamato Takeshi (see the play with names again? Yamato/Takeru showing as opposites again as in a lot of anime like; Digimon where Yamato and Takeru were brothers). They're leading a harmless happy life Takeru practices Kendou and Takeshi is the better one at it and Takeru always loses to him.One day the sword that's always been locked up in a case is accidentally left open and Takeru takes it out for fun and touches it same time as Takeshi does,
they see some weird images with both of them fighting and think it was a dream.

Meanwhile there's a new transfer student in school who happens to be Takeru's childhood friend who throws herself on him upon sight and declares he's her fiancee.
Next day Takeshi confesses he's having weird images and dreams and Takeru declares he's having the same ones.
Kendou tournament is coming up and form their school only one is supposed to be chosen which everyone thought would be Takeshi but Touma Rokunosuke surprizes both by saying it'll be Takeru and that he's keeeping his own strength low for the sake of not hurting Takeshi. Takeshi however refuses to accept it. Touma declares there will be a match and the winner will be representing the school.
Takeru defeats Takeshi shockingly, and Takeshi is mad about everyone concerning over him, he pushes Kotona (older of the Shiratori sisters who take care of Takeru and his dad) and Takeru comes running to save her. He and Takeshi start fighting and then something starts happening to all of them and with a flash of light everyone vanishes.

I'm not too impressed with it at the moment but hoping it'll not turn into another demon fighting harem anime =.=;

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