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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Izumo: Takeki Tsurugi no Senki ~ Episode 2 ~ Ikai-A Whole Different World/異界

Episode 2:
Upon waking up Takeru finds himself in a totally ruined version of the school building, he runs into Seri and Asuka and they search all over for Kotona and Takeshi with no results.

Meanwhile Takeshi wakes up and finds Kotona. He remembers seeing the woman from his dream right before they vanished. They suddenly hear a sound and see a swarm of huge bugs following them. Takeshi runs for the sword that he and Takeru touched before and fights the bugs off.

Meanwhile Takeru and the others are being chased by yet another bug that Seri kicks out and they make run from.

They all run into each other after escaping but yet another trouble was following, huge caped people(?) who try to get them and Takeshi and Kotona are caught as Takeshi Hesitates upon seeing the woman from his dream.

The leftover caped things were about to attack Takeru and suddenly some people come and rescue them. they're called by a miko to follow them, on the way they find the student council president Kitagwa as well who's apparently been teleported to this world along with them.

Takeshi wakes up to find himself with Kotona and a young guy challenging him to fight with him. The woman Takeshi been seeing comes up and intruduces herself as Himiko the one who controls what happens in the Ne world. she Welcomes him as the savior of that world.

The people who saved Takeru and the others explain that they're in a world where people who've died in thier world come to live (so much for Soul Society -_-;) and that they should rest because they have to move further ahead till it's safe. They fall asleep and then wake up to a sudden attack...

Yeah I'm still not totally into it ._. 12 episodes is too much to expect this turning into a better plot. + the art style is putting me off a lot >.<

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