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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nurarihyon No Mago~ Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan~ Sunshine

Have you ever started on an anime just cause of one song you like form it?

I let my 3 year old watch anime on Animax (Anime channel in India which ROCKS btw!) while I work, and while she was watching this one the opening song came up, I was watching something on my desktop and I froze, then watched the entire song, 2 minutes later I was watching the full episode with her xD

I searched it up and it seems very interesting ^-^ This is my next on to watch first priority anime on my list. 

This is the song that caught my attention so deeply~

Sunshine by Monkey Majik (I seem to be drawn to songs by monkey named bands -.-; *Tactics  - The Yellow Monkey, Rurouni Kenshin anyone?*

Do visit the Up-loader's Channel at This URL :D
I love how the video's been put together, a lot of images match so stunningly perfect. The lyrics are off a bit like at 1:58 it's supposed to be Boku no yume wa nandatta no ka? but it says Boku no yume wa doko ni iru no ka? But despite the lyrics being off the picture of Nura deep in thought matches the line oh so well >.<!!

I love this song, I've listened to it over 25 times already. Such positive powerful lyrics making you feel emotional and lighter. Somehow feels like someone's pushing you to move forward. This anime is definitely going to be downloaded!
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