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Friday, July 3, 2015

Hisabisa ni! My LATEST Obsession ! Introducing... Gakupo!


So I discovered the world of Vocaloids quite by accident when I was searching for the song from Angel Beats called "My Song", I saw a suggest link on youtube showing a song named Last Song (Megurine Luka, She's AWESOME!), opened it, fell in love, wasted 2-3 hours looking up more related suggest links and falling deeper and then there was no saving me :x

For those who don't know, Vocaloids are this

The world of Vocaloids is deep and intriguing *-* I found everything from deep to creepy to something that would move you to tears (Aku no Meshitsukai/Servant of Evil - Kagamine Len *I have no shame to say I cried like a baby while watching it) to historical stuff to Incest and Yaoi to Yuri even *for those who don't know what that means you're not old enough to be reading this go play Pokemon*.

Most of you must already know Hatsune Miku the green haired net Idol, but did you guys know there were way more cooler Vocaloids?

For instance this guy :

Yes yes and YES! within the MALE Vocaloids he's the absolute BEST! Kaito the blue haired cool one is a weeee bit too high pitched for my taste though he's funny as hell for the humorous videos and his own type of songs. But what Gakupo can pull off, Kaito for sure cannot :x (Sorry Kaito fans, I love him too but my true love remains as Gakupo)

Gakupo has the Classic Japanese sort of Ancient Samurai like look, his most (overused) popular song is Dancing Samurai, and THIS is the ORIGINAL non Vocaloided version of the same song :P Dancing Samurai Original . Take a hint. the voice bank for Gakupo was provided by Gackt ! how awesome is that !

Gakupo has amazingly deep vocals and can carry almost any sort of pitch. Apart from the Japanese songs, there are some AWESOME Gakupo Japanese covers of really popular English songs. My favourite among the people who make the covers is this guy Memzir, he's made the BEST Gakupo covers available on youtube. (apart from Last Night Good Night) like this song,,, SURPRISE LINK! let's see how many of you recognize that song lol. He for SURE made it waaaaay better haha.

(left blank space to add more when  I get the time to)

I'll be posting more awesome Vocaloid songs here along with a short intro about them, as I find them and as I get the time to :D My obsession is steadily growing and I want to infest more people with the Luka Luka Night Fever~ or in this case Vocaloid Fever *-*  currently I'm where my sister says I've turned into one of those Otakus in anime Lol!

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