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Friday, April 22, 2016

Creative Mela(Festival) and my Anime Corner

The Creative Mela we held at Arena Animation successfully finished and I was able to find a lot of anime lovers in my city thank to it ^^ Here's a pic by pic of everything that happened in the 2 Day at my Anime Corner~

Abhilasha Di and Vidhi standing near my Posters and Photographs

Garima at My Anime Corner

Vidhi and Garima helped a lot managing my Anime corner and the visitor's Register ^^ Thanks both of you!

The Bouquet Jose sent a day before the event stayed at my corner for the entire event ^^ Thanks Jose that really cheered me up! 
Pretty flowers with beautiful Yuuko and IA in background
The Mugs I got done for the event! Let's see how many people recognize what anime/what chars!

First Look at my Anime Items for the Event:

I didn't realize I had so much stuff stacked up o.o... forgot to take picture of the Card Captor Sakura File Folders and the Gaara Gourd Watch T~T...

First Day look at the Anime Corner:

Vikas Eyeing my Itachi Mug O.O
Finally Met Zarrin!

Zarrin, My First buyer and a really cool person! 
Zarrin's Shoes, she should go into business with this :x such awesome Art work!
Seriously some people have SO much talent!

Next Day :

T Shirts finally got printed ! 
My precious color books that I made for this event! And my Fushigi Yuugi Laptop cover xD

Vikas gave a glass of Sprite, the bubbles looked so pretty going up in the lights all around! I tried to take a pic but couldn't get a good one from where I was sitting at, in the end Vidhi took this pic, pretty cool with Kakashi in the background xD (That hand right there with the awesome Mentor tag is mine huhuhuhu)

Swaleh wrote the text for the title of my photographs section "The World Around Me"
Such awesome work! Thanks Swaleh!
My Anime Corner the next day with the now finally finished Shirts! Looks so much better with the Anime Corner that Swaleh wrote in his awesome writing! I painted it in different colors.

My Manga Collection
Mug matched the Itachi T shirt so decided to put both in same area.
Me Vikas and Ashar, poor T Shirts finally sliding off x.x... people cannot keep their hands off!
Over all it was a great event, I met a lot of awesome anime loving people. Special Thanks to Garima and Vidhi for helping me manage my corner and the Guest Register, honestly it would have been hard dealing with so many people on my own.
Also Thanks to Swaleh for Writing the Anime Corner and The World Around Me in his awesome writing. 
Thanks to David, Ashutosh, Qadir and Vibhor for helping with the decorations! Especially Ashutosh and David, who had exam next day and stayed late to help out with printing/decorations/star sticking/and tape providing.
BIG Thanks to my sister Nelly and Ashutosh for helping me put up my posters and Photographs, alone I would have gone have crazy doing all that myself.
Thanks so much Lokesh Sir for getting the Shirts printed before the event was over.
And thank you so much Jose for sending the beautiful flowers that kept my corner bright ^^

I really hope that we get to do this event again and this time I find more anime lovers and make more good friends ^-^
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