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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ayaka's Okaeri -おかえり- Cover with Eng-Romaji-Japanese Sub

So... this is basically my first cover, and the first video I subtitled like this after singing it. This is also the first time I'm daring to upload my cover of something on Youtube. I previously used to make AMV's and upload those but making covers and uploading them is a whole new scary experience. I finished this overnight so I can't say it's the best result, but since it's just the first time, I'm hoping I'll get better with time. I'm not a professional singer, nor have I ever gotten singing lessons, so cut me some slack if I sound absolutely horrible :P

About the lyrics, I got from but I found the translations off a bit so I went and did some edits where I thought I couldn't stand it. I tried my best to keep it as close to the original translation as I could but yeah... some parts BADLY needed editing... If there are any problems with the translations let me know or feel free to use the subbing option provided on here.

Why this song? Because, I was first introduced to Fushigi Yuuhgi back in year 2000 when it aired on AXN in India, I fell in love with it, read the manga, found Yuu Watase sensei, then read all her other manga there were. Among them was Zettai Kareshi/Absolute Boyfriend, which really grew on me, I later found out there was a Dorama on it, which although quite different from the Manga, was still really amazing. This song was the Ending track for the Drama. I got introduced to Ayaka through this drama. I can't sing as beautifully as her but I tried my best!
I also made an English cover for this song but I haven't added any music or anything to it yet so I'm just keeping it for now.

I'd love if anyone is able to suggest to me some good video editing software that specialize in subtitles, I used Adobe Premiere Pro for this, but since I don't have the software down 100% I had quite a lot of problems with it x.x.. I didn't want to just upload the song with some cutesy picture with lyrics in description cause that's really confusing to people who're not into Japanese or don't want to read separately. If possible I'd like to know what software was used to make this video : , the user is banned from Youtube so I can't reach them to ask, but it looks so perfect for making subs...

Lastly, as usual, I don't own the music, the song, or the lyrics, the video is made as just a fan cover and all rights of the original song/music/lyrics belong to Ayaka and her production company Warner Music Japan. No copyright infringement is intended by this video. The only thing I own is my voice.
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