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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kerala Second Week

Well, originally I wanted to make a daily blog post after I came to Kerala, however, my laptop broke down due to no surge protection in my apartment and I didn't have a laptop. Tomorrow I'll go to buy a new laptop and I have 3 week left here so I will try to take lots of pictures and make a daily post for sure.

Coming to Kerala was for sure the best decision. I'm learning so much here at CILA, I made great friends,  I wake up each day and see the bluest of skies and lush green fields and trees. My roommate Manali makes awesome breakfast and we go to class with our classmates Graeme and Christine.

Until now, Helen has been our group leader/teacher. The 12 of us were divided into groups of 6, half went to Helen and half went to her husband, David. They both have completely different teaching style and we switch to the other teacher in 2 week, which, by the way, will be starting Monday for us. Starting Monday we will be moved to David and the others will come to Helen. 

These pictures were taken by my classmates, mostly by Tania. Will take individual shots and put a proper photo intro for everyone later. I'll however take a picture of the scenery I'm looking at right now and add here.

I'm truly thankful to my parents for letting me come here, this place is like the most wonderful place to live.  I really appreciate it.

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