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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Kerala week 2 Sunday.

So far, we had a great day.  Me Tania Creshell and Vinod went grocery shopping while Manali tidied up the place. While on way back it started raining andwe had to run back. Tania stated that it was a good exercise.
I managed to take a lot of pictures on the way. I can't seem to get enough of the blue blue sky and the cloud formation that Vinod insists are UFOs.

We had last night's leftover biryani that I made when we had the dinner party, and chicken curry that Manali made, for lunch. While she was cooking it started raining. The rain here is so unpredictable.  One minute it's sunny, next thing you know it's randomly raining.  Me, Tania and Creshell went on the roof and had fun playing in the rain. I wonder how long it has been since I was able to enjoy playing in the rain like this. It made me remember the time when me and my sisters used to play in therain on the roof. Nostalgic and yet a little sad sort of feeling.

I'm getting really attached to Tania. Last night when me and Vinod were talking we were talking about how its going to be when everyone leaves. Such a depressing thought. I miss being with my family and my daughter. But I will miss the friends I made here and the me right here right now in this time. I'll miss being able to talk to Vinod about life and poetry. I'll miss Manali and her 'galiyan'. I'll miss Tania's carefree yet vulnerable innocence. I'll miss seeing Graeme and Christine looking at each other like they have never seen anything so precious in their lives before. I'll miss Creshell and her do what you like and ignore whoever has a problem with it, nature. I'll miss my terrace and my soothing view. This is my spot. My place to come to when I'm in need of sorting my thoughts. My sanctuary. I'll miss throwing my head back and seeing the ever extending sky and the beautiful cloud formations while listening to Japanese music. I'll miss this place this time the me right here right now. 
I'm writing this from my mobile again. Tomorrow I will get my laptop. The third week will start. The reality of the numbered days is settling in and I'm desperate to save it all so I don't ever forget this.  I'm sitting in the terrace,  in the background 'Monkey Majik's Tada Arigatou' is playing.  I can't help but think about how many precious things I'm gathering here. How thankful I am to my parents for letting me come here and looking after my daughter while I'm not there.
Another airplane is taking off. I take another picture. I don't want to forget this.
Tonight we might eat together again. Maybe not since we all have class in the morning.  But I hope we do. These precious precious days, I wish could go on just a little bit longer.  Ramzaan starts tomorrow.  I'll restrict my food intake from there on. I've been eating too much no no stuff.
Tomorrow is David's class. Nervous. A bit scared.  But I think that it would be a great new experience altogether.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  What new things will I be able to learn about tomorrow, it's exciting to think about it.

I'll get my laptop back tomorrow as well. Maybe then I can record my Tong Hua Japanese cover.
For now, I'm feeling blessed to be alive today again.

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