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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Servamp Manga - Chapter 1-9 - Thoughts and Reflections ~

since I usually just watch the first episodes of onging series to get the feel of the voices and etc, I did the same with this one. After watching the first episode I switched to the manga, took a while to read just 9 chapters cause there was a lot going on and I didn't really have the chance to read, however, I'm glad I did. I'm really hoping that the anime picks up where the manga stopped. I think this series is somewhat similar to Natsume Yujinchou, heavily focused on the feels. I love how it steadily introduced characters and the backstories, and how you can relate to them cause of the super deep detailing, I haven't had this much feels since Natsume Yujinchou and Fruits Basket. They really need to update the manga and I really need to be able to read Japanese soon -.-;...

The way it was for Sakuya and Mahiru, I wonder if in real life friends actually think like that about each other? People usually change after a small conflict, for the sake of greed, for their own benefit, and for many different reasons. As I read the last two chapters, I kept thinking back on how many, many friends from the Maple Story times till now, I've believed in who have let me down... I wonder if it's really that easy for people. I wonder why I was never able to do that myself, so many times when I was told that the person I was going around doing so much for, is laughing at me behind my back, or is just using me, why did I keep on believing in them only to get back-stabbed later on. I still don't know why people change, it's already been 10 years +, I'm older but none the wiser. Even now, the people I called friends, I believed in them and truly thought of them as such, and 10 years later, it still hasn't changed. People still use me and I still get shocked when I learn how they felt about the relationship was never the same as me. Even now, I still end up getting attached, getting close, and getting hurt, but I still feel, it's better to be able to believe in people than doubting them from the start. Maybe my thinking style is really silly for this sort of world that I live in where people see each other as something to use or a stepping stone, but I think, I believe, that even if 99 out of 100 people that I believed in, change on me and betray me, even if I find one person, the one and only person would be worth going through all that suffering cause that one person would be the person who'd actually see me and feel for me as I do for them. My roommate in Kerala used to say something around the lines of "people are only together to take advantage of each other and to use each other, no need to get attached and no need to get close, once you're done with what you're there for, each will go their own way". But see, true as that might be, maybe someone doesn't feel like that, maybe someone out there would actually want someone they could depend on and open up to, who'd do the same for them, I don't think everyone in the world is that selfish and that disbelieving, I don't think there's no hope for this world, and I don't think people are stepping stones. 
I'm thankful to have friends who've helped keep my faith strong, Maddy, Rell, thank you.
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