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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Birthday in Kerala! I love my classmates!

With my last week's post unfinished and halfway ready to publish, I've been so busy I haven't been able to even finish and publish it, I'm writing this post knowing full well I have a big class to take tomorrow and I should sleep. But I feel like if I don't write this up right now, when I'm feeling the happiness so strongly, I might forget later on, the feeling of today.

Earlier the day one of my friends trued talking to my classmate trying to apparently do a surprise birthday party for me and wanted to talk to one of my classmates, who in turn refused to talk and said he didn't believe in stupid childish things like that (you know who you are >.>). I was feeling quite sad thinking that maybe I'm the only one immature who still thinks doing things for friends like that is fun.
My classmate had a severe toothache all day in class, we were all worried. Today's was a tough class with exams approaching and projects due. So, after having a super sleepy day, where I almost fell asleep thrice in class, I was all but passed out at my laptop, my roommate Manali ran in saying Vinod, the classmate who had a toothache is in severe pain and we should go check up on him. I got up got dressed and stepped out of the room, only to find all my classmates (the ones who live in the same building) were gathered in the room, there was a cake in the middle, and a huge candle next to it. THEY threw me a surprise birthday party T__T... I was so astounded I didn't even know what to say or how to react >.<!! Heck, even now I'm speechless... Vinod said, quite happily "why should I listen to the friend of yours when we were already planning this on our own" THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS T__T this was such a huge shock in a BIG positive way >.< I'm going to be able to do a great class tomorrow.

Thanks Fatima, Yuvraj, Tania, Creshell, Graeme, Christine, Vinod and THANKS SOOOO Much Manali! The best roommate anyone could ever ask for >.<! You guys made this day the best memory for me in Kerala, when I thought the beach trip would be the most amazing one, you guys gave me something so special, I don't even have enough words to express it. Thank you. So much, so very much.

I can't thank you guys enough. I truly from the bottom of my heart, am happy I came here and met you all wonderful people.
Thanks for the beautiful pictures Fatima and Yuvraj ^0^
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