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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kerala Third Week

Well, I thought I would write daily but in the end the week flew by and I was way too busy to sit down and write. Ramadan started. Between fasting and studying it was hectic to say the least.
I made new friends! Mark, Justin and Chun. They're all from Australia and are really nice people. I hope I get to make more good friends here.

Right now I'm on my way to Guruvayoora via bus. My first time actually taking a bus from a bus stop. Going to a friend's house for iftaar, might stay the night.
The day has been so full of mini personal adventures! I woke up got ready and took a Uber cab to Fort Kochi. Could have been cheaper. Next time I'll try by bus. 

When I got to Fort Kochi I was so happy that I had actually packed my slippers. The pretty sketchers would have been ruined in the mud and sand. While I was sitting on a bench taking in the view, someone came and said "Assalam Alykum". Was pretty surprising for me, then he asked if I was Arabic. Apparently someone who owned a shop and was thinking I was a rich Arab lady cause of abaya. *Shakes my head* in any case he did tell me all about the places I could see. I took an auto rickshaw and went exploring all over Fort Kochi. That was really fun, the driver was trying to get me into shops that are tourist exclusive *=rip off shops*. Apparently he gets a cut every time he brings a tourist to those shops.

After the visit to the Chinese fishing nets, it started raining heavily. I took refuge in a hotel my friend told me about before. It was the most sensational view! From the second floor room, you could see the whole sea out there. The boats and ferries and even the huge cruise like ships. Had to wait there for a long time so I made sure that I got lots of pictures and videos. When I was making video, there was a time when lighting struck somewhere. I saw the flash and heard the sound. It was really frightening. The ground underneath me practically shook when it rumbled. 

I left the hotel when the rain let up, mobile all charged and phone batteries changed. Then I went to the Dutch Palace, historical pictures and artifacts. Somehow I had a deja vu feeling, like back when we first came to Kerala maybe I came here. It all seemed so familiar. They didn't allow picture taking, made me remember the picture my sister Nelly took of the no pictures sign long ago. When coming out I saw a family going in, when I came to the cab driver he and another cab driver were talking about the family saying how shameful, they are from Arab and not fasting and shamelessly eating in public. One driver was Hindu and one was Muslim. They praised me over fasting even when I was travelling. Made me so grateful to my parents for teaching me how to preserve and how to fast even when it's hard to, especially my mom. The very reason I don't skip fast even though when I'm studying and in the afternoon it gets difficult because of the lack of sleep. My body craves caffeine. It takes every ounce of my will power to continue doing it everyday. Today when I was waiting at the hotel for the rain to end, it was so tempting to see the food being made and the drinks being served. The waiter gave me a huge menu, and the items listed there looked so tempting. But I'm glad I preserved. The remark from that auto driver, made me feel so happy and so light. I'm glad I preserved. I'm glad I didn't stop fasting.

I came out of there and went to a close by shop that had many artifacts and ancient items. Next was the police museum, interesting place and I was able to take pictures as well. Again the deja vu feeling was there. I wanted to go to another shop as well but the time for ferry was getting close. Dad's student invited me to iftaar at his place when I was at the hotel. Had to hurry.
The ferry was late but it was amazing. I made a video and took pictures. That was truly a fun ride. I got a window seat and was able to look at the beautiful scenery outside.

I reached Ernakulam and then some nice person helped me get on the bus to Guruvayoor. 

I'll write part two after I'm back home

Part 2:

So it's Sunday, I'm back home. I had the most wonderful weekend.
I stayed the night at my Dad's student's place. We had a wonderful dinner then in the morning a really great sehri, the best I had since I got to Kerala, partly cause I didn't have much time to prepare food for that early, partly cause I would just fall asleep -.-;
In the morning we went to the beach and then the Elephant park, which however, I hated due to the fact that it felt like animal cruelty to me. I know they have their reasons but it still looked painful.
I requested to go to the beach again, and then I was able to actually have fun and enjoy playing in the water. Best.Day.Yet.

I hope next week I'm able to finish all my lessons and projects on time, and then I can go away on Saturday at least. Going out is much like a breather. I feel like I can work hard and focus more on things when I get some space to breathe.

I'll write more again. No time to add pictures right now, I'll do it when I get home and get everything organized.
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