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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Site Update: Layout and Design Change~

Since I was stuck in bed with a stupid viral fever and pretty much sleeping or watching anime for the most part, I decided that I won't get this much free time anytime soon, and changed the long since overdue site style.
I changed pretty much everything to do with the layout and how the site theme/colour was. In honor of the winter finally starting, I'm going with a winter stormy night sort of theme. The moon picture is my own, that I took during the super moon, everything else as well, apart from the Fushigi Yuugi part of the image that I put on the banner. I was going to use this banner at first :

then I remembered my loyalty to Tamahome and went with that instead.

I changed the favicon as well to a blue butterfly and my TnM instead of the brown butterfly one. This was a complete overhaul indeed @__@...

The other thing I'll be changing soon on this site is that I won't keep a blogroll. It's better off not having inactive bloggers linked to me who never updated in several years. Instead, I'd like to stick with like minded bloggers.

I also decided to do my posts in a theme order. The theme order isn't 100% decided yet so I can't really put all details here. I will however, make weekly anime graphics. Wallpapers, Icons, FB Covers, YouTube Covers and the like. They're free to use as long as you're linking back to me.

I'll also, be doing Seiyuu Sunday. Every Sunday (I will skip if I'm sick or too busy so sorry in advance for that!) I'll do a Seiyuu profile, bringing together all the different sort of roles, and if they acted in my fave anime series or which roles were the best in my opinion etc. Hoping to spread a bit more awareness for how vast the voice acting world is.

I'll be doing my own personal sort of posts as well since, this 'is' my blog which I started to just ramble about different things. But I'll put them under a different label and that won't get between the anime aspect of the site.

All in all, with all the teaching and everything else going, I've been too busy to actually sit back and enjoy anime like I used to, so this fever was a welcome change after all.

For now, I'll go look up more material!

Please comment below if you think the text is too hard to read or the image above would look better in the banner than the one I have up right now. All comments welcome :)
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