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Monday, February 25, 2008

Imadoki ~ Now a Days ~ Manga ~ Refelections & Memories

I finished Imadoki finally ! I read the first Vol 2 years back and it influenced me in a big way, Yuu Watase seems to have a huge effect on me -.-'' so back then when I read the first Vol I searched like crazy to find the rest of it but no results at all, everywhere I looked it just seemed as if only Vol 1 was available, finally yesterday I turned to torrents and I decided to torrent the manga, and when I searched I finally found it all after ages! I was so happy when it finished downloading I was so happy I almost cried *oh yeah! I'm a hardcore Yuu Watase fan :') *
After I read the whole this it just gave a very nostalgic feeling... back when I read it I got totally influenced by Tanpopo's ambitious style, then few months later I started playing Maple Story, one of the firt few people I met there was Sora, AssasinSora was his IGN later he switched to HidanKakzu and he sort of had the Kugyou Kouki personality, I was simply intrigued ! I got along with him better than anyone else and it was fun to be with him but he always sort of had this unbreakable wall around him that hardly ever shook.. heh... sure has been a long time... and no I wasn't in love with him incase you people are wondering, my intentions were just like Tanpopo's only I didn't fall for him later >.> sigh... I am so talking out of topic here -.-'''...

I personally thought Kouki's brother has a very strong personality and also Aoi & Arisa, I think they had really strong characters, I'm gonna end up falling for this manga like I fell for Fushigi Yuugi lol... only I didn't expect it to last just for 5 Vols, coming from Yuu Watase it should have been 10 Vols at least lol... I'll write more over it later <3
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