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Monday, March 3, 2008

Chrno Crusade ~ Anime ~ Episode 21

Episode 21: Aion turned Rosette into a puppet, a back history is shown of Chrno when he had horns before the revolution and why the revolution even started and how, the mysterious spirits is the girl who's reincarnation Rosette is and the girl who loved Chrno back at that time and gave her life to save him... that was... such a pure and sad love... fushigi ne... ai wa kanashii... always... always... she makes Chrno remember and turns him back to normal again... but, it's already too late and Rosette is changed and is evil now, Deufo and his group tries to save her but they all get killed by Aion and Deufo himself is killed by... Rosette... that poor girl... she gave her life for Chrno... and again came and saved him... even though she loved him, she still helped him to get to the girl he loved... love is so very complicated... and yet... so very easy to understand... even the most craziest things make such perfect sense...
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