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Monday, March 3, 2008

Chrno Crusade ~ Anime ~ Episode 22

Episode 22: Sayonara... Satella... Fiore escapes from within the barries with Joshua and Satella goes with Chrno and Azmaria to find them. Aion bring Rosette to the injured crowd as Saint Mary... and when Chrno tries to help he gets burnt by her blood and the people turn against Magdela Order.
Satella encounters her sister for the final battle... and no matter how hard she tries she can't make her remember... in the end... after a useless bloody battle she kills her sister along with herself....... the part ends with Chrno and Azmaria finding an injured near to death Satella under the tree and she requests Chrno to free Rosette from her past or she'd end up like her, and while Azmaria sings her a song as her last request she dies silently listening...

I cried like anything... even now I'm all chocked up... that was cruel... she wasted 10 years for this... just like that... couldn't they at least let her live... I feel terrible... just terrible... 10 years gone to waste, when she finally finds her sister it's only to lose her by her own hands, how cruel a fate is that...........
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