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Monday, June 16, 2008

My Birthday ~ Thoughts & Reflections

My Birthday... went almost like before... every time when I start thinking it changed it just pops up at me again and again and again... my Birthdays really are the worst days for me... I spent 13th at my parents place, with my sisters and was on Maple Story till late, my BFF 0oGenesis0o gave me a friendship ring as an early birthday gift, I was to be honest, delighted, to have a BFF is a dream I always had and it never seemed to come true, close friends? I got tons, BFF? now I do. Then Nihita called me up and wished me like 4 hours before 12 am, I was so happy to hear her... then at 12 am the 14th of June ~My Birthday~ I was fast asleep and Kekati called up from Mumbai to wish me, that made me happy and a bit surprised. Then I got sms from Lee, my sisters, and Nihita after 12 am which I read the next morning, Lee's made me happy the most... was kind of unexpected lol... next day I was able to check orkut and many of my friends had wished me, that was so... I don't know... I was very very happy... some forgot... which was kind of sad since I was expecting from them... heh.. Great Expectations? then back on maple some of my friends had promised to give me NX and they backed out of it saying they don't even have enough for themselves, that was kind of disappointing since I had a lot planned for what I was going to do with it and I wasn't going to spend it all on me either... why promise me in the first place? not like I was asking you for it... you guys came and said that you yourself want to gift me it... anyways... my good old friend Tae San did give me NX but that was for a special event *^^''* so I can't possibly spend it on myself, ( *wails* "I REALLY DID NEED IT DAMMIT T~T SOMEONE GET ME A NEXON CASH CARD T~T" ) then Dorian gave me a Maple Shine Wand *no I'm a staff user though wands are pretty cool, staffs are way more romantic ~_^* and his brother chaos *next day* gave me a Maple Snowboard *yes I truly hate snowboards but that was a gift...* my dear Nii San... who I expected very much to at least wish me said "STFU NOOB!" and left it at that... sigh... I had a bad argument with hub... Kami Kun wished me and his kindness just made me cry even more... i spent the whole afternoon and evening crying alone in my room... what a way to spend a birthday... oh and Imu wished me really really sweetly, one friend who actually wanted to celebrate my being one more year older and noobier. The next day and today the friends who forgot, some of them wished belated wishes, Naki Chan not only wished me so sweetly she also gave me $5 to buy nx in my Paypal via my Donation button ^_^ I was soooo touched... she actually felt how sad I was feeling and tried to make me feel better... arigatou...
I checked into IMVU today and my Aniki *JD* had gifted me a Kimono that I had really wanted, and that too right on 14th! o.o... I thought he had forgotten... I felt so happy... he didn't forget.. and by the end of day I got an sms from Lee that the video that was violating my Amiboshi Wallpapers is removed from Youtube ! I couldn't feel more touched and blessed... arigatou otoutou...

all in all, my birthday didn't go very well, but it could've been worse so I feel grateful that the people who truly cared and remembered aren't just one or two... I still have much to be thankful about ^^;
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