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Friday, April 1, 2011

Bokura ga Ita ~ Episode 6 ~ Review ~ Anime

02-07-2009 07:38 AM:

Episode 6:
The start was... *cough* find out yourself >.> Photobucket
Then Nana after finishing her meeting went to the shopping area to wait for Yano who was meeting her there. Meanwhile she started looking in a store that had a really beautiful woman at the counter who was really nice to her and was showing her rings when Yano walked in and made a pained expression upon seeing her. The woman turned out to be Takeuchi’s Onee San,Photobucket who commented that Nana looked babyish, which Yano agreed to reluctantly. She picked out a ring for Nana but it was too expensive so she let it be, Photobucket Yano picked it after her and Takeuchi’s Nee San asked if he was going to buy it or not and he said “obviously” but the price was over for him as well Photobucketso she said she’d buy it for him with her Employee Discount but he has to pay her back.
When they got out Nana asked Yano if this was the reason Takeuchi didn’t have a girlfriend that his sister was so beautiful so he felt his girlfriend had to be equally beautiful. Next day she confronted Takeuchi in school and a big secret about his sister came out xP *funny part* then when she asked if he has someone he likes, he paused looking at her for a while then said maybe she’s right and he has a siscomPhotobucket (poor guy).

In the class Yano sees Nana’s sister Yamamoto (yeah I forgot her name at the moment) putting on a scarf and is reminded of the time he saw the same thing after Nana’s death... PhotobucketI won’t describe this part, it’s part of the mystery so find out yourselves.

After school Nana kept staying at the bus stop with Yano missing bus after bus saying she’ll go on the next bus. Finally Yano made her get up, but when she got on the bus, he climbed in after her saying he’ll drop her home *kawaii >.<* and Nana wished the bus ride wouldn’t end...Photobucket

Next day at school while coming out of sewing class Nana and Yamamoto run into Yano and Nana and Yano start talking and Yamamoto ignores him as usual and starts climbing the stairs and suddenly bumped into some guys and started to fall down. Yano somehow manages to break the fall and she falls on him,Photobucket in that instant it’s shown how intimate their relationship is...
Nana takes Yano to the nurse’s office and tends to his wound, and tries to make him feel better saying he doesn’t need to look out for Yamamoto that much because her sister’s death wasn’t his fault and such and Yano stares at her a while and hugs her... What I found really disturbing was that... why does Yano get a chance with a girl as pure as Nana when he’s been incredibly unkind and uncaring in the past to the point of ruthless... it seems kind of unfair... poor Nana... Photobucket

The ending theme was Suki Dakara by Izumi Katou again, I really love this song... so deep and sad... oh and I’m starting to get annoyed by writing >.> I want to hurry up and watch the series as soon as I can (yes my bad habit resurfacing again -_-; ) and it feels like a real bother to stop and do this while I can watch another episode >.< but I know if I don’t I’ll regret as soon as I watch an episode that moves me to tears and then I’ll blame myself for not writing till now @_@...

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