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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Back Home

I missed out on the fifth week post because of exam and running all over the place buying gifts for people, truly a hectic week.
Now I'm back home. Managed to get here before Ramadan ended and will be able to help with Eid preparation. In a way it was good that my Bangalore trip got cancelled I guess. I was much more needed here.

The question remains however, now what?  I should focus on finishing my arena course and my Penn foster one. I haven't been on Jade Dynasty in forever.  Need to set up a website to sell all the items I have there as well. I wonder if I should quit now. None of the old people seem to be coming back... I cannot reach jsrf anymore which is yet another stressful thing for me, though I try not to think about it. Stressing isn't going to help, better to just try to find a distraction or solution for the time being.  I think a lot changed in me after this trip. I have so much that I need to think about that it frightens me.

I started Usagi Drop that Min recommend long ago on the bus journey from Ernakulam to Angamaly before. I finished it last night when I was awake in pain. It had me thinking about so many things again.  I wonder if I should just try living alone for now... how will I manage such a small child... but I think I can if I try. First to get a job and pass my exams.  I need to increase the qualifications that I hold right now... there's just so much for me to do it's scary...

Nande hitori ni shita no..?  Sabishi deshou, kowakute mo naite ii toko wa mo inakunatta. Kaeru basho wa mou inai. Semete renraku gurai shite yo... atashi anna ni tsuyoku nai mon... shitteru deshou... nanoni nande? Ikusaki wa...makkura da yo... anata wa doko...?

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